(Formerly Twin Ponds Herb Farm)

​​​Organic Plant Nursery & Plant Dyed Fiber Arts 

Plant Spirit Farm & Fibers 

We started our farm in 2013 and began as a medicinal herb and dye plant farm, our name was then

Twin Ponds Herb Farm.  We decided to stop farming herbs in 2016 and focus our efforts on the

nursery plants, dye farming, and fiber arts.   

Due to the great interest in our plant dyed fiber art we expanded our dye farm and

Plant Spirit Farm & Fibers was created.  We also sell our plant dyed fiber art products online.

Click on the link below. you can go to our online store

We now have angora goats and are excited about incorporating their beautiful angora mohair into our plant dyed fiber arts and expanding our fiber flock. 

In addition to dye farming we also grow all of our produce which we put by each fall, grow our own herbs and medicine, tend orchards and fields of small fruits, we have a dairy cow and dairy goats, chickens, and a goose.

You can also stay at our farm.


Our Farm