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Plant Spirit Farm & Fibers 

Plant Sprit Fibers

​​​Organic Plant Nursery & Plant Dyed Fiber Arts 

Farm Grown Color

We create plant dyed fibers naturally dyed with certified organic plants from our farm.

Plant Spirit Fibers was born out of a deep love for plants and color and realizing the healing power they contain.  When we connect with the deep wisdom and healing power of the plant kingdom we come home to our lives and our bodies in a different way and begin to develop deeper and more dynamic relationship with the life force around us. 

Plants provide deep healing, whether drinking a cup of tea, taking an herbal tincture, spending time out in nature with plants, or wearing a sacred textile dyed with plants. This has been my inspiration in creating these plant dyed accessories, dyed with plants we grow organically on our farm or forage locally. We believe the spirit of the plants live in these plant dyed pieces, they carry the vibration and healing energy of the plants in their fibers. And when we wear these items they serve as a reminder of our connection to that plant energy. Our connection with the healing power of plants is with us all the time. We don't have to be in the presence of the actual plant or imbibe it's substance to feel the connection. We encourage you to make your connection with plants and hope you will find my art inspiring in this way.

We sell a variety of Naturally Plant Dyed Fiber Art as well as Dye Plant Seedlings.  All colors are grown and processed from plants on our farm.  Plant dyed silk scarves and lavender eye pillows are for sell on our website and more products will be coming soon.  Thank you for your interest!

Wear Your Medicine!

Dye Plant Seedlings for Sale in 2017:

Basil, Purple
Chamomile, Dyers
Dyers coreopsis
Dyers coreopsis
Hibiscus, Red Drops
Hollyhock, Black
Hopi dye sunflower
Indigo, Japanese
Shiso, Red
St Johns wort
Vipers Bugloss